Altitude 1550m,by the shore of Megamiko,in a beautiful natural setting,
We have a private Japanese guesthouse-SUZULANSOU-

room type
western-style room western-style room
japanese-style room japanese-style room
Bathroom and toilet are not inside  
There are two mineral hot spring baths,
one for men and one for women.
24-hour bathing is possible.
Adult 1night 2meals
¥8,800〜(tax included)

If more than 2people share a room

Primary school child 1night 2meals

¥7,150〜(tax included)

Small child 1night 2meals
¥4,400〜(tax included)

Things like pajamas and tooth brushs are not provided.Please bring your own.You can also rent Yukata(Japanese pajamas) here.

Winter(October〜) there is an additional ¥660 charge per
room to cover heating expenses

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By train
From Osaka wumeda to Chino station there has the Hankyu express bus.
By car
Those who come here by car navigation,please enter latitude 35"26'&
longitude 173"55' or Megamiko(Ashida yatsugaya).